Display and track vehicles on map
Basic vehicle information
Database management
Customizable reports
POI locations
Fuel level and consumption
Mobile application
Data records and reminders
SMS communication
iButton driver identification
Business/private trip switch

STANDARD package contents

Everything that is included in the STANDARD package.

FLEETware – fleet tracking service -

Fuel level and consumption

FLEETware obtained the fuel data dirctly from the vehicle's fuel system, which is the most reliable way to measure fuel level. Our system can measure the saturation level of tank and also the actually used fuel quantity. Using this function clearly filtered out the workplace abuses, or can poll accurate data in connection with actual fuel consumption, what is a great help in cost accounting.

FLEETware – fleet tracking service - Üzemanyag fogyasztás mérés

FLEETware – fleet tracking service -

Mobile applications

Also the part of the StandardPackage is our mobile applications. Using this you can display the position and movements of vehicles on your smartphone in real-time. It can modernize your working practicies. Available on IOS, Android and Windows Phone.

FLEETware – fleet tracking service - Flottakövető mobil alkalmazás

FLEETware – fleet tracking service -

Data records and reminders

Using FLEETware you can pre-set alarms and warnings. With these reminders you can always know it in time that vehicle's MOT close to its expiration date, or the driver's driving licence close to its expiration date. These reminders will be send to a pre-set phone number or e-mail as a text message.

FLEETware – fleet tracking service - Data records