Vehicles above 3,5t

In case of vehicles with a gross vehicle weight exceeding 3.5T can also expect a wide FLEETware functionality and continuously developing systems to customer needs. Tracking, asset protection, vehicle data records, cargo sensors, messaging and Mobile applications are available to help you reduce costs and mitigate risks to the business. Please contact us for a quote specific service or to avail of the free trial!

In case trucks can offer you the following main functions:

Display and track vehicles on map

Vehicles to track in the web browser in 24 hours a day. The five-meter accuracy FLEETware able to identify the exact geographical location of the vehicle. Our system uses the familiar Google Maps map. Historical movement of vehicles can be displayed or played back. Our service is easy handling, anyone can easily learn and does not require any serious performance computer and web browser can display.

Basic vehicle information

Thanks to FLEETware fleet tracking system, the current key vehicle data such as the speed or the ignition is quite simple can display the web interface.

Mobile application

Standard package is also part of the Mobile Application as well. With the help of the smart phone, you can display in real time the position of vehicles, movement. Can modernize working practices. Mobile Application available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone platforms.

Database management

The FLEETware database of easily editable in any vehicle or drivers in a variety of identifying information to assign. (eg license plate number, type, registration data and identification information, driver and details, etc.).

Customizable reports

With the FLEETware service you may request different customizable reports (distance traveled, time, average speed, etc), which provides assistance to the ERP system. Such information is used to create precise accounts.

POI locations

With this feature you can set frequently visited or important geolocations which a vehicle reaches, then the system notifies via email or SMS. For example you can receive notifications when the vehicle goes to a petrol station or reaches the border.


With the geofencing feature you can create areas that when the vehicle leaves or enters, the system automatically sends an alarm in email or SMS. The application creates a list of alarms which you can view anytime on the web. This feature can be perfectly used for security, because you are notified immediately if the vehicle leaves a predefined zone or leaves the predefined track.

SMS communication

With the FLEETware you can easily send messages to the driver. This happens through the web interface, and the SMS cost is only the third of a regular SMS. The cost of the SMS is the same abroad and inland. With this feature you can reduce the telephone costs significantly and give new orders, significantly speeding up the communication.

iButton driver identification

Unique driver identification is also possible. After installing a sensor, with the iButton driver identification you can assign drivers to vehicles. This happens with a magnetic key. With the iButton feature you can track back which driver used the vehicle at a given time. This helps in the vehicle and driver work time reports and the resulting wage settlement and transport costs as well.


On request we can install several sensors. For example: temperature sensor in the cargo compartment, door open sensor, panic button, or even smoke detector. The devices alert immediately if the received data is out of normal (eg. smoke detected, panic alert, door opened while the vehicle is moving etc.). With these sensors you can protect the driver, the cargo and save profit.